Jumaat, 19 Julai 2013

rawat migrain / natural cure for migraine

1. Ice -- One of the oldest domestic remedies for migraine headache is an ice set or frozen compress. 
This can be positioned on the back of your neckline or on your brow, and you might get moment relief.

2. Coffee -- For quick migraine headache relief tried drinking twain or three cups of powerful coffee at the initial 
symbol of a migraine. The caffeine causes the blood vessels to shrink, so there is less blood flow to cause a 
trouble or throbbing in your brain.

3. Cinnamon -- One of the older migraine headache cures is cinnamon. This aromatic spice is mixed with 
water and made into a paste, which is then rubbed on the brow and back of the neck.

4. Feverfew -- Feverfew is one of the herbal domestic remedies for migraine headaches, and this herb has
 been in use for centuries and is generally very secure and efficient. Scientific studies have shown this herb 
can compact the occurrence of migraines when taken daily.

5. Capsaicin -- Capsaicin can work well at treat migraines, even an ocular migraine. There are ointments you
 can purchase that are applied to the brow and assist relieve the ache of these headaches.

6. A Dark silent Room -- Laying down in a room that is perfectly dark and exceedingly silent might assist
 eases the ache and other symptoms of a migraine. This can be done with a cool compress on your brow for even
 better results.

7. Magnesium Supplements -- everyday magnesium supplements are one of the summit domestic remedy for
 migraine headache. Magnesium has been shown to assist relieve the symptom and minimize the frequency of

8. Orange Juice -- Orange juice and other foods lofty in vitamin C can assist with menstrual migraine headaches
 and some other types.

9. Henna -- Henna flowers can be dipped in vinegar and then rubbed directly on your brow. Numerous migraine 
sufferers have gotten fast relief using this domestic cure, but it does not work well for everyone.

10. Niacin -- Niacin is one of the most often used domestic remedies for migraine headaches. Niacin causes the
 blood vessels to shrink, and can halt migraine symptoms even after they have begun.